Those songs you sing, don't ever let them go unheard.

Honoring a time and spirit when music was more raw and honest, Two Ton Twig references the past while charging headfirst into the future. Built on a foundation of classic bluegrass instrumentation, this string quintet combines emotion and depth with their raucous and carefree attitude, to form a wholly original sound. The result is both captivating and foot-stompin' fun.

Two Ton Twig is:

Brandon Boling - Banjo, Vocals
Donnie Riggs - Dobro, Guitar, Vocals
Alexandra Touzinsky - Fiddle, Vocals
Ryan Thomas - Bass, Vocals

Come Dance With Us

November 10. The Hamilton. Washington, D.C. 8pm.

November 11. Pearl Street Warehouse. Washington, D.C. 8pm.

November 16. The 8x10. Baltimore, MD. 8pm.

December 9. The State Theatre - Rockin’ Renegade IV Benefit Holiday Concert. Falls Church, VA. 7pm.