Those songs you sing, don't ever let them go unheard.

Honoring a time and spirit when music was more raw and honest, Two Ton Twig references the past while charging headfirst into the future. Built on a foundation of classic bluegrass instrumentation, this string quintet combines emotion and depth with their raucous and carefree attitude, to form a wholly original sound. The result is both captivating and foot-stompin' fun.

Two Ton Twig is:

Brandon Boling - Banjo, Vocals
Donnie Riggs - Dobro, Guitar, Vocals
Alexandra Touzinsky - Fiddle, Vocals
Ryan Thomas - Bass, Vocals

Come Dance With Us

August 27. Union Street Public House. Alexandria, VA 4-6pm.

September 16. Private Event. Centerville, VA 7pm.

September 23. Private Event. Middlebrook, VA 7pm.

September 30. Iota. Arlington, VA 8pm.

November 16. The 8x10. Baltimore, MD. 8pm.